Josi Callan Art

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As a result of the painting of Ali and Charlotte, a dear friend commissioned me to do a painting of her and her daughter in Maui. It was a lot of fun - I do not think that I did Gracie justice, but her Mom says she smiles every time she  looks at the painting which makes me happy!

We are back at our home in Arizona - we arrived just in time to miss a grim storm that hit the Northwest.  Back to painting outside and loving it! Last week Glen Dean led a workshop - the painting below was done at Lost Dog Trail in Scottsdale.  We had to deal with a lot wind and hot weather, but it was worth it.  The sky was amazing.


  1. Love the colors-especially the contrast between the dark mountain and the bright blue sky.

  2. Love your brush strokes in the water painting. Can feel the wave washing in. The desert painting has a wonderful richness to it - love that sweet front rock & bush, but there is something about the calm middle ground that makes me want to stand there and stare at the mountain...awesome Josi!